Jefferson’s Blog: The Pledge

Jefferson’s Blog: The Pledge

Hello to all my wonderful Destination Pen Pal friends!  I just ended another traveling adventure here in these great United States.  On this journey I met someone who taught me about the Pledge of Allegiance.  I know the adults have heard of it and I’m sure most kids have heard of it.  I’m also pretty sure you have probably said the Pledge of Allegiance at school, ball games or special events .  .  . but you may have asked yourself, “What exactly does it mean?” or “Why do we say the pledge anyway?”

We don’t just say the Pledge of Allegiance for the fun of it or no reason at all!  There are actually some really great reasons.

Well here are some quick fun facts I learned from a very busy beaver and his family of Pledge of Allegiance experts. We say the pledge to:

  • Honor our country and the freedom it has given us
  • Show we have pride in our great country
  • Show the world that we as Americans, are united in preserving freedom and liberty for all people
  • Show respect and honor all the military men, women and their families who have sacrificed and kept our freedom safe by protecting our country

Why do we face the flag?  Flags can’t talk and they don’t understand anything we are saying!  Although this is true, we face the American flag to remember what it symbolizes.  The American flag stands as a symbol of freedom and liberty.

Why do we put our hand over our heart?  Some would say putting your hands behind your back or at your side is just as good . . . but I disagree and here is why:

  • Putting your hand over your heart is actually a traditional salute. When we salute something, we are showing respect.  So, putting our hand over our heart shows respect to our flag and what it means . . . freedom.  Our flag also stands for America, so putting our hands over our heart shows respect for our great country.
  • Our hand over our heart also shows we hold the flag, America and what it means close to our hearts.
  • It also shows we are promising to stand up for freedom and liberty as American citizens.  Just like when you tell someone you will do something and then you, “cross your heart”.
  • We are showing respect to our countrymen and all the men and women of America by putting our hand over our hearts.
  • We are also showing dignity and honor.  Dignity means showing self-pride or respect.  Honor means having good character and doing the right thing.  Our own actions will reflect how other people see us and treat us.

So the next time you say the Pledge of Allegiance, remember, you are not just saying words you don’t understand.  Now you understand why we say the pledge of allegiance and why we hold our hand over our heart.  Now you know and knowledge is power!  Signing off until next time Pen Pal friends!



Jefferson Eagle,

America’s Original Destination Pen Pal

P.S. Just so you can learn more about the Pledge of Allegiance and our beautiful flag, I found these really cool videos for you to check out:

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Jefferson Eagle, Blog Contributor


Jefferson Eagle is an America’s Destination Pen Pals blog contributor and Destination Pen Pal adventurer.  He has become one of ADPP’s foremost experts on the culture and geography of the United States, The Constitution and America’s rich history.  Jefferson Eagle currently travels the United States with his Pen Pal Buddies exploring America and teaching children about the traditions, history and culture which built this great nation.

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