Mission Statement

The mission of America’s Destination Pen Pals is to inspire children and parents to explore America together.  Our mission is to teach children about America’s history, culture, people and founding principles through a fun and interactive approach.  We aspire to promote the American values of freedom and liberty for all by encouraging curiosity and exploration of America.

1Who we are!

America’s Destination Pen Pals was created to provide children with a unique learning experience that promotes American patriotism and teaches an understanding of American history, culture and the founding principles of the United States.

We here at America’s Destination Pen Pals love America and its founding principles. It is those values which guide our company. It is America’s founding principles that allow us to share our dream of promoting America’s exceptionalism with you and your family.

2What we do.

This fun and interactive approach inspires families to explore America together. Our products offer parents, guardians and grandparents the opportunity to take children on an “adventure” to America’s 50 states with a fictional “Destination Pen Pal buddy!”

3Parent and teacher resources.

We value parent education and involvement in every step of the learning process. It is our hope that you will find valuable information and ideas that will assist you on the journey of parenthood and teaching in our Resources section. We update our great resources monthly so make sure to check back regularly!

4The process is simple.

Each state package contains Pen Pal letters from one of our fictional “Destination Adventure Pen Pals” which are based on animals that are indigenous to that state. Your child will also receive souvenirs, post cards and pictures with each letter.

With the first letter in the package, your child will be given a special folder and mail carrier bag for storing their keepsakes. Included in the package is also a scavenger hunt and a stuffed animal version of your child’s “Destination Adventure Pen Pal”.

Once your child has completed a state Pen Pal adventure, they will be not only know more about the state and American history, but they will running to the mailbox to learn more!

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