Family Volunteering & Military Resources

Family Volunteering & Military Resources

Ways to Support Military as a Family/Resources for Military Families 

Operation We Are Here: This is an amazing resource for military and non-military!   It is a comprehensive resource with an online community and information about how American citizens, communities and churches can support and encourage our military community.  

Caring With Meals: This is a great list of resources and tips about how you can help take care of our military with meals!

Freedom Dogs: “Freedom Dogs is a nonprofit organization devoted to serving wounded members of the military who are attempting to return to civilian life.  Their specialty service dogs provide both physical and emotional support, helping wounded warriors to successfully make this challenging transition.”  Donations and volunteers are welcome!

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets: This site is dedicated to helping deployed, wounded and homeless vets and active duty take care of their animals by offering foster homes and care for their animals when needed.  Find out how you can help or become a foster parent of a military animal.

Hugs4Smiles: Adopt a military family during deployment!  Send care packages and more…find out how here!

Help Hospitalized Veterans: Help Hospitalized Veterans strongly supports volunteering for America’s veterans. HHV has volunteer opportunities at its Community Based Arts & Crafts Centers located in many communities across the country.

Army One Source: Through their dedicated service, volunteers transform military installations into communities.  How can you join the Army’s great volunteer corps and begin impacting your community?  Find out here!

Military Connection: This is a great site for military parents and children to connect with other families and find additional resources for military families!

Military Family: This is another online resource for military families where you can learn about tax breaks, retirement and financial planning, planning for deployment and more!

Military Kids Connect: This is a great site for military children to connect with other military children!  This site offers resources for military parents, teachers of military children and military children!

Military OneSource: This is a confidential Department of Defense-funded program providing comprehensive information on all aspects of military life at no cost to active duty, National Guard, reserve members, and their families.  Information includes, but is not limited to, deployment, reunion, relationships, grief, spouse employment and education, parenting and childhood services.

Military SOS: Find military support for spouses and significant others of all branches around the world!

NASW Military Resources: Social workers and service members working together to help our military.  Find great volunteer resources here!

Military Spouse: Information about military life, news, careers and “Military Spouse 101”.

Military Spouses: This is an online resource for military spouses with information on everything from how to survive boot camp to family care plans and support.

Military Support Groups: Be a hero for our heroes!  Find out how you can help fill in the gaps of the many needs of our military families!

National Military Family Association: Get involved…learn how you can volunteer, donate and take action to help our military service members and their families.  Learn about Operation Purple to help our military kids connect with one another!

Our Military Kids: Information and resources for our military kids!  Also, see how you can help!

Special Operations Warrior Foundation: This organization is dedicated to supporting the military’s Special Operations Forces and their families with college scholarships, educational and family counseling and support, and financial grants for the severely wounded.

Troop Support: This is a great online resource for finding out how to help and getting help for our military men, women and their families!

USO: Find out how to help support for our troops during transition, deployment, coping with being wounded and more!

Warrior Foundation: This is an organization that helps our soldiers transition back into society following significant injury.  Find out how you can help!

Wounded Warrior Family Foundation: This organization helps the spouses and children of our killed or seriously wounded military and civilian heroes who have been left with the devastating effects of and consequences of war.

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