Bullying and Online Safety

Bullying and Online Safety

A blue, white and red button with word Bully isolated on a white background, No Bully buttonBullying has become a significant concern in the U.S.  As parents and educators, we need to be on the same page and support one another in the anti-bullying movement.  Please find resources below to help you become an advocate for your child, as well as others.  Together, we can make a difference.


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Books About Bullying:

Scholastic’s List of Books About Bullying

13 Children’s Books About Bullying

Bullying Prevention Books

Bullying Resources: A Selected Listing

The End of Bullying Begins With Me: This is a great resource page to help educate girls about bullying.  This site is great for just about any topic for teaching girls about the world!   Also refer to Leading the Way: Bullying Prevention Books for Parents and Educators and Taking a Stand Against Bullying: Bullying Prevention for Tweens and Teens.  

Sites About Bullying:

American Psychological Association: This is a good site to find out tips, news, articles, how to get help and more about bullying.

Cyberbullying Research Center: Watch videos, find out news about legislation and find resources and tips for all ages, including teens.

Family Education: This site offers family/parent education about bullying, including, articles, warning signs, effective ways to help your child and rules for parenting and bullying.

Kids Health: This site is full of information on bullying prevention, intervention and resources.  Just type “bullying” in the search bar on the site.

Pacers National Bullying Prevention Center: This site not only provides information, but also has a student-led movement uniting students to create positive inspired change.  The WE WILL Generation is an exciting new initiative that uses a students-teaching-students model to stop and prevent bullying.

StopBullying.gov: Resources, information and guides to resources for parents, kids and teachers!

Tips for Bullying Prevention: This is a nice, short article about how to prevent bullying!

Kids.gov: Online Safety and Bullying for Kids by Kids.gov!



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Parents and guardians assume and maintain responsibility for their own use and for their children’s use of the Internet.  Please discuss Internet safety with your children on a regular basis.  We encourage parents to monitor their children’s use of the internet.  Discuss the possible dangers that exist on the Internet with your children.  We strongly encourage supervising your children’s web searches regularly.   For your convenience, below we have provided internet safety resources so you can protect your children:




Safety Surf

SurfBalance Safe Browser for Kids: This is a fun, full-screen mobile Web browser that gives access to control features that provide parents with the ability to guide, limit and verify their child’s Web use.

Internet Safety Resource: McAfee



*Please visit our Links for Explorers States pages for additional child resources for internet safety!  Many of the states have wonderful sites just for kids and teens!  



National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Family Online Safety Institute

Common Sense Media


Be Web Smart

7 Deadly Sins of Technology

Setting up Rules for Family Tech Use

Parents Guide to Digital Safety 

NetSmartz Resources for Parents/kids

Stay Safe Online-Parent resources


Internet Academy for Kids: This is a great site for kids to learn internet safety.

Welcome to the Web: This site teaches kids all about the web!

NetSmartKidz: This is another great site for teaching kids about web safety!  



Internet Safety Tips for Kids

Internet Safety 101 for Families

Safe Web Surfing for Kids (Fun Video)

Netsafe Videos on Vimeo: Look for Netsafe Videos on Vimeo-there are several!

Netsmartz for Parents Videos and more!

NetSafe Utah: NetSafe Utah has some great videos for parents, children and teens!


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Child Mind Institute: The Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming mental health care for children and is committed to finding more effective treatments for childhood psychiatric and learning disorders.

Children’s Mental Health Network: This site provides weekly news and unbiased analysis of key issues focused on children, youth and families’ mental health and well-being.  Readers and contributors include parents, youth, community leaders, policymakers, state and federal officials and more.

Mental Health 4 Kids: The Children’s Mental Health Resource Center aspires to provide a one-stop place for people to learn about children’s mental health and get connected to services.”

National Institute of Mental Health: NIMH hopes to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure.


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