Books All About America

Books All About America

America’s Stories

109 Forgotten American Heroes: This book is a compilation of America’s most incredible and little known heroes. It includes stories about these individuals contributions, inventions, wisdom, courage and ingenuity.

A Child’s Story of America: Children learn about figures in early & recent American history.

American Heroes: This is Barnes & Noble’s link to children’s books about American heroes! 

America-A Patriotic Primer: This book goes through the ABC’s of American history, emphasizing the values, ideals, people and historic events that make America exceptional. 

American War Heroes: This is a list of books about American War Heroes from Amazon.  From generals to spies and revolutionaries.

America’s Story-The History of the Pledge of Allegiance: This is a nicely illustrated book with a glossary.  Although it is written for children ages 9-12, it is appropriate as a read aloud for younger children. 

America the Beautiful: Robert Sabuda is an amazing pop-up book artist!  This beautifully illustrated pop-up book translates America’s beauty into pictures for children!

American History Books-Best Books for Kids: These are great books about history for the older child to read independently.  You can also read them to younger children too!  They also have United States geography book recommendations.

American History Books for Kids: This site offers an index of history books for kids you can browse!

Bald Eagles: Books all about bald eagles from Amazon.  Even if you don’t buy here, it will give you great ideas to search!

By Dawn’s Early Light: In this beautifully illustrated book, comes the story of the War of 1812.  Works as a “read to me” book for primary school-age kids or as a “read to myself” for elementary school.  It includes historical detail with maps and photos.

Celebrating Patriotic Holidays: Written specifically for emergent and fluency readers to enhance fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.  This book has predictable story lines and illustrations with engaging stories to promote learning about America with fun and easy activities to enjoy!

Emma’s Poem-The Voice of the Statue of Liberty: We have all heard the poem as students in America.  We have all been taught that the Statue of Liberty is a beacon of hope for immigrants…but did you know there is more to the story?  This picture book tells the story of Emma Lazarus’ care for immigrants and the impact her poem would have on the symbol of hope the statue became to so many immigrants that would pass her on their journey to freedom.

Everything WWI-National Geographic: National Geographic has done it again!  This series explores different topics with over 100 pictures in each book.  This book explores the history of America’s first World War, introducing children to the greatest military leaders, tacticians and key battles.  Also check out Everything Battles.

Good Reads Top 100: This is a list of good reads choice for the top 100 children’s books about war for older elementary/middle school or as a read aloud to younger children.

Great History Books: This is Amazon’s link to a list of history books for children of all ages and they are all about America!

History Speaks…The Star Spangled Banner: “Get to know the history of the Star Spangled Banner with this workbook filled with reproducible worksheets and informative text. A brief history of U.S. flags is included (with illustrations), as well as the story of how the flag Francis Scott Key saw was commissioned.”

Kids Guide to American History: This is a fully illustrated history book for kids ages 8-12 years.  It covers 8 major periods in U.S. history!  This is the lowest price we have found!

Landmark Book Series: The acclaimed Landmark Book series has been helping children understand America’s history for over half a century!  Oldie but goodie!  Great for older elementary children ages 9-12.

Liberty or Death: This colorful illustrated book follows the adventures of patriots such as Sam Adams and Patrick Henry and George Washington on their road to victory, beating almost impossible odds.

Little Patriot Press: Little Patriots Press has books geared towards teaching children in K-4 about America’s history and government through entertaining, educational, and interactive books.

National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide U.S.A.: America’s national parks are some of our greatest treasures!  This U.S.A. national park guide for kids is full of color photographs and information about the national parks.  Features include tips on exploration, information about animals, fun facts, maps and cool things to do!

National Parks Books for Kids: Mike Graf shares his love for our National Parks in this series of books for children.  Check out his home page for more!

Ordinary People Change the World: Brad Meltzer brings an important message to our children…that we can each change the world.  In his fun illustrated series, he teaches children about people who have inspired change…Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, Jackie Robinson and more!

Patriotic Children’s Books: This site offers recommended books and resources for educating children about America and patriotism.

Shh!  We’re Writing the Constitution: This illustrated book chronicles the summer of 1787 where fifty-five delegates from thirteen states huddled together in Philadelphia to draw up the constitution of the United States!  What would happen after the Declaration of Independence was signed?  Would the colonies become 13 individual countries?  Appropriate for ages 7-11!

Step Into Reading: This series of books is great for the emergent reader.  This company has books all about America-just type in a topic and see what comes up!

Symbols of the USA-All About America Kit: This activity book includes activities, flash cards, paper, charts and stickers all about the USA for the young elementary learner!

The Declaration of Independence from A-Z: This picture book follows the events leading up to the Declaration of Independence!  

The House That George Built: Did you know that George Washington helped to build the White House?  Encourage your children to become little patriots by learning more about our nation’s house with this illustrated book!

The Star Spangled Banner: This is a great book to introduce your children to our National Anthem.  The lyrics to The Star-Spangled Banner are on each page.  There are also interesting facts about America throughout!

The Wall: In this beautifully illustrated children’s book, a young boy and his father visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  It celebrates the beauty that is the American soldier!

Uncle Sam and Old Glory-Symbols of America: This book illustrates woodcut art and stories that tell about the origins of American symbols like Uncle Sam, the American flag, the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty…the symbols that were at the heart of the creation the United States : freedom, liberty, opportunity and the value of hard work.  Appropriate for ages 7-10.

United States Through Literature: On her site, Carol Hurst provides a list of books by state!

We the Kids-A Preamble to the Constitution of the United States: Publisher’s Description: A long time ago some smart guys had some smart ideas, and they wrote them down in the Preamble to the Constitution.  You have probably read it before but do you know what it means?  And did it ever make you laugh?  This fun-filled look at the Preamble provides an accessible look at America’s founding-ideal for citizens of all ages.  Recommended for ages 5 and up.

WWII for Kids: This is a fun fact filled book with activities and games for children to learn about WWII.

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