America: Board Games

America: Board Games

Board Games All About America

American Trivia Junior: This is game is a fun and informative way for kids to learn about he United States.  Ages 9 and up (but it is written for all levels to enjoy).  For the family, look for American Trivia Family-Ages 9 and up.  For teens, look also for American TriviaAges 16 and up. 

10 Days in the USA: In this fun family game, players have 10 days to travel the United States.  Players plan their trip from start to finish, including, destinations, transportation and more.  Have fun with this game of wits…if you are clever, you may outwit your fellow travelers!  (Also available on Amazon).  Ages 10 and up.

Catan Histories-Settlers of America Trails to Rails: In this game, children can experience the pioneer days of the Wild West!  Players can send their settlers westward to cities and to develop the expanding railroad network.  Ages 12 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

Constitution Quest: A fun way for the family to learn about the Constitution!  There are also optional games rules for young audiences.  Fun for the whole family!  Ages 7 and Up.  (Also available on Amazon)

DestiNation USA: This is a fun and exciting way for kids to learn United States Geography.  The accompanying travel guide includes information about each remarkable destination.  Ages 8 and up.  (Also available on,, and Amazon)

Famous African American Jingo: This is a BINGO style game that teaches children to learn fascinating facts and reinforce basic concepts about historic African American figures and history.  Ages 9 and up.  Also available at EIE.

Founding Fathers: This board game is for older children who are interested in learning about America’s Founding Fathers.  In this game, players take the role of a Founding Father and make decisions to create the Constitution.  This is a game of wits and knowledge!  Ages 13 and up.

Great States Card Game: This  card game is based on the Great States Board Game.  This game features 200 trivia questions about the 50 states and can be played in 4 different ways!  Ages 7 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

Great States: With over 400 questions with facts, figures and fun!  This game is all about the United States of America.  You and your children will learn more than just the capitals in this fun family game.  Help your children gain knowledge about U.S. geography, landmarks, capitals and more!  Ages 7 and up.   (Also available on Amazon and at

Great States Jr: This fun filled game is based on the popular Great States game.  This version introduces young players to the map of the 50 states.  Children will have a great time searching the game board to find where things are as they travel along the game path.  This game is appropriate for pre-readers.  Ages 4-7.  (Also available on Amazon)

Geo Bingo USA: This games gives a new twist on the classic bingo game!  There are 50 state cards that show the capital, land area, population and nickname.  Appropriate for ages 4 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

Monopoly-The America Special Edition: In this edition of the classic game, learn about American people and places and own pieces of American culture and history!  See also National Parks, WWII, Army, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and Navy editions available on Amazon or usaopoly.comAges 8 and up.

Our America: In this fun game, children will learn about American heroes, history and heritage as they land on each flag and answer trivia questions.  Reviews say it’s a fun one!  Ages 8-14.  (Also available on and Amazon).

Presidents of the USA Floor Puzzle: This 100 piece floor puzzle is fun for the whole family!  Help your children learn about the U.S. presidents by making a creation together on family game night!  Ages 6-10.  

Professor Noggin’s Card Games: Professor Noggin has over 37 fun-filled card games on exciting, educational subjects, including, U.S. presidents, history of the United States, the Civil War and the American Revolution. With two levels of difficulty, younger children can still play with older siblings or adults for a fun family game night!  Ages 7 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

Scrambled States of America: Learning about U.S. geography can be fun!  This game is based on Laurie Keller’s hilarious story, “The Scrambled States of America”.  Players learn names, capitals, nicknames, shapes and positions of the states through riddles, geography challenges and more!  Ages 8 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

Ticket to Ride: In this fun and exciting game, players travel the railroad across America in just 7 days, attempting to see as many cities in North America as possible.  This is a cross-country train adventure where players travel the rails, making their own routes along the way.  Ages 8 and up.  (Also available at Target and on Amazon)

United States Bingo: This game helps develop skills in geography, social studies, quick thinking, matching skills and memory skills.  Ages 5 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

USA Map Floor Puzzle: Have fun with this 51-piece floor puzzle.  Make it a family night and talk about the states, their nicknames and what makes each state famous.  You might just learn something too!  Ages 6 and up.  (Also available at Wal-Mart, and on Amazon)

We the People Fight Tyranny Game: Have a family game night with this fun and educational game!  Why not start teaching your kids about the value of freedom right from the start?  Ages 15 and up (but may be appropriate for younger children with adult assistance for family game night!)  

Where in the World USA Edition: This is part of the “Where in the World” board game series.  In this version, children learn facts and features about each state that make them unique.  Featured facts include, population, capitals, attractions and more!  Ages 8 and up.  (Also available on Amazon)

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