Activities For Families

Activities For Families

Projects & Activities To Share With Children

 6 Genealogy Projects for Parents/Children: “Share a passion for family history research with your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or other young ones in your life.  Leave a legacy behind and inform and guide the next generation.”  You may just find it benefits you as well as your child!  Quick tip: Libraries are often great resources, not just for books about genealogy, but for groups that meet to help one another with research.  Often these groups will include experts and professionals who know how to research, including genealogists and librarians.

12 Educational Adventures for Kids: This blog offers ideas about having fun with your kids locally.

100 Fun Family Fitness Activities: Fun, fit and family oriented activities to do with the kids.  What better way to bond than to get healthy together?

100 Fun Family Activities: Here are 100 ideas for fun family activities! 

Activities from Parenting Magazine: Get the scoop on age-appropriate activities for kids and things you can enjoy as a family at every stage of your child’s development.  Also look at their Family Activities link for topics such as rainy day activities, indoor and outdoor activities.

American Cooking: Try one of these amazing recipes with your kids!  Click on one of the categories: America Central, America North or America SouthMaking a meal together is a great learning experience to teach them about different cultures and recipes in America.  It’s also a great bonding activity and tons of fun for kids!

American History Kids: Investigate this great site all about America.  It is full of crafts, games, activities, books, maps and timelines.

America The Beautiful: Do you and your children/grandchildren know the words to our National Anthem?  How about America the Beautiful?  Well now you can with this site!  Teach your children the words to America’s most important songs!

Disney Everything: Disney is the best and here is their site full of activity ideas, videos, games, books and more!  Also check out Disney Family for recipes and featured crafts and activities.

Have Fun With History: This is a nice history website for older children to explore or for you to explore with your younger ones!  Some activities may be appropriate for younger children.

JELL-O Kids Activities: Have some fun and make a recipe or two with your kids!

Kids Click: This site offers resources for online education resources, including games and more!  Content areas include art, geography, history, literature, reading, writing, the weird & mysterious and more!

Let’s Go Outside: Brought to you by the Fish and Wildlife Service, this site provides outdoor ideas for parents and children!  Help your child discover nature!

Little Hands Celebrate America: Teach your children about America’s history, geography and heritage with fun, hands-on activities!  Nice illustrations and easy-to-do crafts, games and projects that will engage your child!

Meet Me at the Corner Virtual Field Trip on Vimeo (Llamas): Here is a great way to go on a field trip when you and the kids can’t travel there yourselves!   You may also want to explore the Virtual Trip all about the Recorder on Vimeo.

My Kids Adventures: This is a site for quick, easy, inexpensive activities that busy parents (and grandparents) can do together with their kids.  There are 205 articles on the site, each hand-picked to promote fun, adventure and togetherness among parents and kids.

National Wildlife Federation: NWF has a great magazine, recipes and activity ideas to do with your kids…and it’s all about the one thing kids love…animals!

Picturing America: This is a fun site to visit with your kids!  Picturing America was an project of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) that brought masterpieces of American art into classrooms and libraries nationwide.  The project concluded in 2009; however, many of the educational materials created for the program are still available for use by students, teachers, and lifelong learners.  This site offers learning about history through a unique approach…introducing them to the arts, sculptures, paintings, architecture, fine crafts and photography of America.

Resources for Kids: These resources come from USA Flag Site, a free resource page for everything America.

Scholastic Printables & Activities: Reading, writing, math, science, art, parent guides and more activities to engage your child in educational and fun activities!

Smithsonian Kids: Don’t forget to check out this section of the Smithsonian for interactive and fun activities for you and your children to do together.  Many of the Museum’s exhibitions are also here on the Web.  Most of them have special activities to do at home that you can’t find in the Museum.  Click on one of the links at the bottom of the page.

Teaching Your Child to Interact: This is a nice, short article about teaching children at different age level to interact with others.  Tips and strategies for good social interaction-we could all use this!

Traveling Adventures with Children: This site shares insider travel tips, discounts, and destination information so you’ll find the help you need to plan your next adventure, even right in your own backyard!

*We the Kids: We love this site!  You can find books, games, ideas and more here!  It is all about “teaching children to understand American history and civics in an engaging format that encourages them to love their country and get involved in shaping its future.  They provide lessons about important events in American history, as well as the ideals developed by our Founding Fathers and other significant Americans.”  Don’t Skip This One!

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