Where a child’s destination is adventure!

Our products offer parents, guardians and grandparents the opportunity to take children on an “adventure” to America’s 50 states with a fictional “Destination Pen Pal buddy!”

The process is simple. Each state package will contain everything your child will need for a four week “adventure” across the specific U.S. state you have chosen for them. With each package, your child will find Pen Pal letters from one of our fictional “Destination Adventure Pen Pals” which are based on animals that are indigenous to that state. They will also receive souvenirs, post cards and pictures. With the first order, your child will be given a special folder and mail carrier bag for storing their keepsakes. Included in the package is also a scavenger hunt and a stuffed animal version of your child’s “Destination Adventure Pen Pal”.

The Pen Pal letters are designed to encourage parent-child interaction. We encourage you to read the letters with your child to help enhance their learning experience. It is our hope you and your child will have a family “adventure” to remember for years to come!

We suggest ordering the Washington D.C. package the first time as it includes a free patriotic pencil and special collectors coin. It will also serve as an introductory package that will introduce your child to the concept of America’s Destination Pen Pals.

How It Works

Choose a state package you would like to explore with your child. With each letter in the package, your child will receive pictures, postcards and souvenirs. There is even a stuffed animal Pen Pal that comes with each package!

“Week #1”: Give your child the red mail carrier bag with the enclosed envelope labeled “Welcome”. Inside your child will find a secret decoder, a secret message, an ADPP membership card and a special keepsake.

“Weeks 1-4”: Place the envelope for your child to find. Complete the enclosed scavenger hunt (included in the “For the Parents” envelope) with your child to help them find their new destination Pen Pal!

You have completed your America’s Destination Pen Pals adventure! Visit the website to start a new state Pen Pal package with your child for another fun learning experience. They will be running to the mailbox!

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